marți, 15 octombrie 2013

NEW! Check out Macao Online

From today, bgx Interactive's app "Macao - Crazy Eights" has a little step brother! Its name is "Macao Online" and it's an Android game, implementing the game with the same name, "Macao". The game was made by a first-year IT student, Dobrescu Andrei. His game lets the user to play in two modes: single-player, versus the PC and multiplayer, versus any Android user you uses the app, is connected to the internet and want to play with you. The game is very well programmed, with a little bit of love and, of course, many bugfixes. The game is almost clean of any bugs and works well on any Android device. The app is very intuitive and easy-to-use. The graphics are quite minimalistic, but the graphics are not the main goal of the app.

The single player game mode features a Human vs PC game architecture. PC's AI algorithm features 3 difficulty levels: easy, medium and hard.

The multiplayer mode is the main attraction of the game. There wasn't been made too many android multiplayer card games, so another one is welcomed. There wasn't been made too many macao multiplayers in general - you can found a couple of them on the web platform, if you search for them on google (but yes, they don't work on android devices, so if you want to play macao multiplayer on your smartphone, use this app!). Also, an original ideea is the multiplayer's login and lobby systems. For logging in, you don't need registration - just a nickname different from other players ' nicknames. After the log in, you will enter in the lobby. Well, here.. you don't have a game room/table-based system. Because the game allows only 2 player games, in the lobby you can invite an available user to play with you or wait for someone to invite you to the game. Easy as that. The process is simple, user-friendly and quite innovative. A little problem with the multiplayer mode: for the moment, there is no one there to play with. The reason is quite simple: the game is not so popular, so please, if you like this game, tell your friends to download it and play with you!

In conclusion, "Macao Online" is an innovating game for Android, bringing the online multiplayer game system to a card game.

Oh yes, and don't forget to download, rate and play it and ..tell your friends about it!