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Google I/O 2013 - It's all about keeping the developer community happy

Google's I/o gathering keynote was, from various perspectives, the inverse of what we envisioned.

Google did not advertise any new fittings —no new Nexus 4 telephone, overhauled Nexus 7 tablet or new Chromebook —nor did the association uncover another form of Android. More stunning bits of gossip about a "X Phone" from Motorola and a 11-in. (28 cm) tablet from Samsung did not emerge.

Rather, Google used about 50% of its twelve-month developers gathering concentrating on, well, developers, and the devices they need to bring about a noticeable improvement applications. Whatever is left of the time, Google used affirming changes to center Web administrations, for example Search, Maps and Google+. The greatest new item launch was seemingly Google Play Music All Access, a contender to membership benefits like Spotify and Rdio.

In different statements, Google was less fascinated by wowing the swarms with garish fittings and software news, and more fascinated by making itself look great.

What's New for Google Users

Here's a brisk review of all the new, purchaser confronting things that Google declared at the show:

Google Play Game Services: Google's reply to ios Game Center and Xbox Live lets clients begin playing an amusement on their telephones and continue advance on their tablets. It'll additionally have accomplishments, online multiplayer and leaderboards tied to your social rounds on Google+. Shockingly, Google will let developers add its diversion administrations to ios apparatuses and Web-based amusements, not simply Android.

Google Play Music All Access: Google is getting into the membership music business, with an administration that looks like Spotify and Rdio. For $9.99 for every month —or $7.99 for every month provided that you mark up by June 3 —you get millions of streaming tracks on Android mechanisms and Web programs, plus craftsman based radio stations and personalized suggestions. No expression on applications for ios or different stages.

Maps for Mobile: The cell phone form of Google Maps gives drivers a hand with warnings when an activity influx pops up, in addition to an inferred new track. The guide perspective will indicate major wellsprings of congested driving conditions too. Google has likewise made another interface for tablets, with an "investigate" characteristic that gives you a chance to skim for close-by restaurants, shops, bars and different attractions.

A Big Update for Desktop Maps: The desktop form of Google Maps is getting a major redesign this Spring, with smoother design and a concentrate on finding. The point when clients hunt down certain things, for instance sushi, they'll see proposals dependent upon what they or their companions have audited. The interface will look a considerable measure slicker, with photographs, client audits, route choices and different parts popping up as you click on every area. You can join to see the new Maps through Google's site.

New Features for Google+: Google is truly trusting you'll offer increasingly on Google+, its two-year-old interpersonal organization. Another interface takes after Pinterest, with numerous segments of overhauls filling the page. For photographs, Google+ can pare down your get-away photographs via consequently selecting highlights, and it can bring about a noticeable improvement with skin softening, clamor lessening and other speedy altering apparatuses. Google is additionally starting a differentiate Hangouts application for Android and ios, letting clients talk, offer photographs and bounce into movie talk.

New Cards for Google Now: Google's virtual-aide administration can let you know about upcoming Tv indicates and film amusements and give ongoing open travel overhauls in select urban areas. You can likewise use voice orders to set memos on your telephone, and Google Now will prod you at the fitting time.

Voice Search on the Desktop: While utilizing Google seek within Chrome, you'll have the capacity to begin a voice inquiry by truism "O.k., Google." And much the same as the portable application, the desktop form will back conversational inquiries, so you can say something like "Where's the closest pizza put?" emulated by "How far is it from here?" Google says this characteristic will be accessible soon.

Assuming that there's a common pattern between all these enhancements, its that Google is attempting to make all its administrations stickier. In place of only turning something toward Google Maps, conceivably you'll hang out there investigating things briefly. In place of seeking once on Google and clicking a few connections, you'll have a here and there and then here again voice discussion. You'll invest more time playing diversions that are associated with Google and more time listening to music. Also perhaps you'll truly utilize Google+ for once. Doing all these things could make your existence less demanding and more agreeable —yet obviously they additionally permit Google to seek after its plan of action of studying more about you, and offering more ads.

Diminishing Android App Headaches

Google invested a huge lump of time discussing things that had almost no immediate effect on clients. Case in point, the association revealed a path for developers to offer beta tests of their applications, and to see how their applications look crosswise over numerous screen sizes. (Judging from the hooting and hollering in the room when this characteristic was declared, it appears long late.)

All the more essentially, the Google Play Store will at last have an area for tablet-upgraded applications. This change does influence clients, however it likewise gives developers a motivation to compose applications on account of tablets.

It's invigorating to see Google offer these sorts of apparatuses for developers, as a substitute for simply attaching new characteristics to Android and trusting the applications will take after. That system hasn't worked in the past, particularly for tablet applications. By uprooting a percentage of the cerebral pains in Android application development, Google might have better fortunes getting developers to back the stage.

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