miercuri, 15 mai 2013

Google Game Services - launched today

Unlike Apple's Game Center service, what Google's putting forth is a backend service for developers instead of a standalone app. Consider it more like Openfeint than Game Center – you can sign in utilizing your Google+ login as a part of amusement, and that login will track your character (counting leaderboard scores, accomplishments and saves) crosswise over different game session and gadgets. Achievements that increase engagement and promote different styles of play. - Social and public leaderboards that seamlessly use Google+ circles to track high scores across friends and across the world. - Cloud saves that provide a simple and streamlined storage API to store game saves and settings. Now players never have to replay Level 1 again. - Real-time multiplayer for easy addition of cooperative or competitive game play on Android devices.

Google is essentially manufacturing its own particular stage on the ios stage. It's a bright system for them. I'll be inquisitive to see how Apple reacts, or assuming that they even trouble. It may not be a "risk" in the routine sense since Google is gradually uprooting restraints for individuals between Android and Apple.

Obviously, the other way gets less demanding, as well. Also Google's procedure for contending with Facebook is coming to be more clear, as well. Utilizing their as of now existing stage they can give all the more fascinating and convenient associations with individuals that reach out far past photograph offering and notices.

So has anyone here found a centralized hub yet? I found out how to get logged into the few Google Play Games titles and even got a couple achievements, but I can't seem to find the hub where I can start seeing friends achievements and such.

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