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How to chose a cross platform engine/framework

I would like to make some games for Android/ios. Although I have a lot of experience using mvc ect application design patterns I really have no idea how to work with any design patterns for games other than like the loop and stuff lol.
I need an engine that is easier to learn, but will allow me to continue building my knowledge in this domain so I can understand game development better. (so I don't want something like corona)
Preferably I would like to be able to use Java or some similar language because that is what I am most familiar with and I haven't used C++ in a long time and was never very good at it anyway.
Also I have no knowledge of opengl whatsoever.
Cocos2D-X: Port of cocos2d-iphone in C++.
cocos2d-x is a multi-platform 2D game engine in C++, based on cocos2d-iphone and licensed under MIT. Now this engine has been expended to iOS, Android, Bada, BlackBerry Playbook, Marmalade and desktop operating systems like Linux, WindowsXP & Windows7.
An experienced Unity user would use Unity. The people who prefer unity over corona for 2d are generally experienced unity users. Take that into consideration. Unity, as you have heard, is a platform designed for 3d. There are a lot of features specific to 3d, e.g. if you want physics for a 2d game you need to lock the x rotation axis and lock the z translation axis.
Unity fortunately has a ton of extensions that make it great for 2d, so us experienced unity users, or users who plan on using more than just the 2d aspects, should choose unity given a 2d game to develop.
To sum it up, if you don't plan on using the 3d aspects of unity, go with corona or other 2d engines. It's built for the task and doesn't have an extra layer of complexity for features you don't need. If you do plan on doing 3d and don't mind a slightly larger learning curve so you only have to learn one environment, go with unity.
Marmalade, although it's not free and the developer community is also not large enough, but still you can handle most of the task using it's tutorials.
IwGame is a good engine, developed by one of the Marmalade user. It's good for a basic game, but if you are looking for some serious advanced gaming stuff, you can also use Cocos2D-x with Marmalade. I've never used Cocos2D-x, but there's an Extension on Marmalade's Github.
Another good thing about Marmalade is it's EDK (Extension Development Kit), which lets you make an extension for whatever functionality you need which is available in native code, but not in Marmalade. I've used it to develop my own Customized Admob extension and a Facebook extension too.
Marmalade now has it's own RAD(Rapid Application Development) tool just for 2D development, named as Marmalade Quick. Although the coding will be in Lua not in C++, but since it's built on top of C++ Marmalade, you can easily include a C++ library, and all other EDK extensions. Also the Cocos-2Dxand Box2D extensions are preincluded in the Quick. They recently launched it's Release version (It was in beta for 3-4 months). I think we you're really looking for only 2D development, you should give it a try.
Now I need to decide if to use IwGame or Cocos2D-X or both for development. Both looks great and interesting. Have anyone used these and can share experience?
Physics engine like Box2D and Chipmunks are said to be better linked with Cocos2D-x, however I've used them separately in marmalade project and faced no problems at all. So it's not a big deal to have a better linked physics engine.
To work on Cocos2D-x, you'll need to learn it first, while IwGame is not too complex to start. But once you worked with Cocos2D-x, it'll be easier for you to work on serious projects and you'll want to use only this.

Popularity of Game Engines
Let’s try comparing the popularity of various game engines which are popular on Stackoverflow, meaning at least 500 results from tag-based search queries. This reveals PhoneGap to be the surprise winner:

Is cocos2d-iphone more popular than Unity?
Good question. Probably not.
The above values only provide very rough estimates and there are a number of issues (see next section). In google searches cocos2d has the bonus of having many engine variants, which means more hits in search queries on the general term “cocos2d”.
One way to compare two engines more directly is by comparing the forum stats, at least this gives you an impression on how active the community is. I picked three engines whose forums provided these stats.
Since cocos2d-iphone’s forum doesn’t reveal it’s member count, I estimated it to 45,000 based on number of topics and posts in relation to member count of the other three forums. I’d say that’s very likely to be accurate within a range of plus/minus 15%.
It should be noted that the XNA community also hosts the DirectX and Direct3D forums. Seeing that Unity’s community has about two thirds of the members as the entire Windows game developer community is rather impressive. On the other hand, the Unity community seems to be a much chattier bunch compared to the XNA/DirectX community (more members, more topics but far fewer posts).
Whether that’s a bad thing or not is up for debate and would require. You’d have to pick a couple threads and see for yourself. Like companies or restaurants, each forum has its own culture and different target audiences.
Knowing that the ratio of registered community members vs “silent” users is usually far, far below 5%, we can estimate that there could be up to half a million cocos2d developers, and possibly 3 million Unity developers.
Obviously, the sheer number of questions asked on Q&A sites has only indirect relation to an engine’s popularity. The forum topic and post counts are much better measurements. Why? Because the users of one engine may simply be more used to ask questions on a Q&A site than others. And users of engines that aren’t well represented on a specific Q&A site may be less inclined to start asking their questions there.
If an engine is not easily understood nor well documented, the number of threads on a Q&A site will likely be higher than for an engine that is easy to use, well documented and where users find outstanding support through official channels.
Google search queries then are limited to a specific keyword which may be over- or underrepresented for particular game engines. The use of brackets is also crucial, since searching for xxx game development vs “xxx game development” can change the number of search results from tens of millions down to a couple hundred.
Since search queries seemed to reveal greater accuracy with brackets, possibly rooting out a lot of SEO optimizations as well as unrelated terms (for example Unity, Torque and Corona are very ambiguous terms).
Lastly, keep in mind that some engines have been around for longer than others (cocos2d-iphone vs cocos2d-x) while commercial engines often have a google bonus because they typically pay for SEO, content marketing, press releases and other search rank optimizations.
Final Words
Don’t read too much into these numbers and comparisons.
Do use the same approach whenever you compare game engine and eventually have to choose one. Skip all engines that have neither a healthy community nor a frequent release schedule unless you feel fully capable of helping yourself if need be.
You should check more closely what developers are chatting about – if you find plenty of reasonable questions go unanswered, while developers rant about features on the fringe, and moderators seem to be non-existant or indulge in chit-chat, this gives you an impression of the support quality besides the sheer number of topics and posts.
You would also want to check other metrics, specifically the release cycle ie number and frequency of commits on github or release announcements.
These factors are just as crucial in picking a good game engine than the engine’s features themselves. That doesn’t mean you can’t find everything you need in a narrow-focused, newly-conceived, tiny-community game engine if it perfectly fits your bill. Don’t be foolish and consider only the top three engines listed on google or in other lists.
Do check out the engines on the fringes instead of opting for the popular choice – the most popular option is typically also rather difficult to master (Unity, DirectX, etc) though the learning curve does pay off if you want to do it for a living as either employee or freelancer
Cocos-2d lua
quick-cocos2d-x is a quick framework, based cocos2d-x. Make mobile games in Lua.
  • No risk: cocos2d-x's Lua support already exists two years, mature, reliable, the choice of large companies.
  • Full-featured framework: Write the entire game using Lua, no C++ requirements.
  • Native extensions: Integration of third-party components, including Payment, Ad, Analysis. Lua-ObjectiveC and Lua-Java bridge make life easy.
  • Enhanced Simulator: Run the game from any directory, multiple resolution switching, debug console.
  • 100% FREE: cocos2d-x, Lua, quick-cocos2d-x all is Open-Sources project. licensed under MIT.

Framework main features:

  • display: creates scenes, display objects, animation ...
  • transition: moving, fades, creates animation programing easy ...
  • audio: play background music, effect sounds ...
  • ui: creates button, menu, label ...
  • luaoc: Lua call Objective-C, Objective-C call Lua ...
  • luaj: Lua call Java, Java call Lua ...
  • network: Asynchronous HTTP requests, JSON, check the network status ...
I have a strong preference for cocos2d-x related choices because it is still very easy to use the platform specific popular APIs - i.e. game center on iOS, in app purchases, specific ads and so on.

On the other side it would be great to also have Lua scripting since it reduces quite a lot the time needed for prototyping and actual development, so I guess i will give a try to this kind of options first.

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How to find a profitable mobile app niche?

In order to find a new app oportunity you need to have in mind the following aspects:

  1. Find a niche with few competitiors
  2. Make sure the competitior are making enough money
  3. Competitors app do not fully satisfy the consumer needs
Use some free or trial Appsore Search Engine Optiomization tool to find some posible combination of two keywords which are popular enough but do not have to many results.

Determine the value the existing apps do by following these steps:
- determine the average paid ranking  using some tools
- compare the ranking with the avarage download per day needed for that specific category

- based on this facts try to estimate the range of downloads the app would probably get per mounth and then multipy with the app cost

 For categories avg downloads take a look here:

How to create a mobile app - Step 3


The Android stage has a large number of clients and is developing every day. With this development so do the amount of individuals that need to investigate the stage by making their own Android application. While a considerable measure of the aforementioned individuals are proficient programming engineers, there are numerous that have next to zero experience in advancing and distributed programming. This headed me to compose this arrangement on making your own particular Android application: "Creating your own particular Android application, from vision to actuality"

In this arrangement I will be blanket the improvement cycle from idea to sending. I Will give my suggestions on what steps you might as well embrace to get your application to general society.

Remember this arrangement is intended to be a supportive aide and not a set of directions that ought to be accompanied precisely one step at a time. Go for what steps work best for you and in the I trust you will have a programming improvement cycle that gives extraordinary results.

In this post I will be blanket the outline stage. Provided that you have not yet perused the past sections I guidance to read them first:

I Hope you will appreciate perusing the arrangement to the extent that I have keeping in touch with it.


In the outline stage you will at last get to perceive how your application is set to look like. You will draw out your client interface and make mockups of the finished item. Assuming that you have no outlining knowledge this step could be a mess harder than it looks. Choose provided that you can make a delightful looking client interface, do you have the innovative abilities or will it be better to outsource the work? A Good outline will lift a reasonable application to great and an exceptional application to amazing. The regular confuse for organizations that outsource the outline is to attempt to finish the occupation for the minimum measure of cash. I Cannot push enough that you ought not attempt to take the most expedient route here, run with an exceptional planner, solicit a portfolio and references.

In the event that you do settle on handling the outline stage yourself and you are new to universe of planning I can propose the book "The Non-Designer's Design and Type Books, Deluxe Edition". The book is not difficult to read and shows basic outline thoughts with exceptional samples. Regardless of the possibility that you are not set to plan your own application you may give this book an attempt since it is additionally exceptionally accommodating when making fantastic looking records, business cards and so on.

Juhani Lehtimaki likewise composed an incredible book on Android client interface examples called "Smashing Android Ui". It's an extraordinary book particularly focused to Android client interface.

Temperament board

A Mood board will help you get the feel for your application. Only contemplate a great application you have commissioned on your telephone or tablet, what is the feeling it gives you? It may be extravagance or crisp and fun or perhaps a business feel. A Bad application won't have a consistence feel, it will be a mess and a turbulent presence. By making an inclination board you can help restricted down the feel for your application. Yet before you begin making your state of mind board about-face to the idea stage and consider your intended interest group. Your temperament board might as well reflect and engage your clients.

Making a temperament board is simple. Get an enormous bit of paper, or a pin board, you can even make a computerized inclination board with any paint program. The objective is to get as numerous pictures or things on there that you need your application to reflect. To begin I prescribe to go out to your neighborhood book shop and get a few magazines. Ponder your intended interest group, what magazines might they purchase? After your trek to the neighborhood book shop go and get some wallpaper inspects, these typically are free and can help you uncover the right shades or compositions for your client interface. When you are again with a pack full of stuff, get out a few scissors and begin removing pictures or messages you like and put them on your inclination board. Don't be hesitant to trade pictures as you experience the procedure, this will make an improved bring about the close.


The point when outlining client interfaces there is no displacement for snappy draws. They permit you to rapidly scrabble down plans and give an unpleasant thought of how your application will look like. There are a few approach's to make outlines, for instance you can utilize print out patterns. I Made a few arrangements for drawing Android interfaces that are accessible here:

An elective to utilizing pen and paper is to utilize a portraying requisition, there is a free online instrument accessible here:

I Prefer to utilize pen and paper on the grounds that it doesn't constrain you in the accessible parts, an other profit of utilizing pen and paper is that there is no compelling reason to study new programming, so anybody can join the methodology.

Making portrays of your interface is a brisk method for choosing what works best for your application work stream.

Shade plan

Every living soul who is set to plan a client interface ought to be familiar with color plans. By utilizing color plans you can make an uniform look all around your application and can likewise be utilized for making a site or pennants. The color plan will additionally helps the feel of your application, it could be warm, frosty or fiery. A Good approach to begin making your color plan is to backpedal to your mind-set board, uncover the vital base shade and begin from that point.

A Simple shade plan is typically made with five shades. You require a light shade, a dim color, two stress colors and a highlight color. All colors may as well compliment one another, the two stress shades regularly are close matches of the light or dim color. The highlight shade is destined to have a huge differentiate on the other four shades and may as well pop out from the rest. By adhering to your color plan you will uncover that your can radically enhance your plans.

Illustration of a color plan. From left to right: Light, Accent 1, Accent 2, Dark, Highlight

Shade conspire produced out of holo dull colors


Mockups are utilized to be a correct representation of the last item. There is more abilities included in making mockups that straightforward portrays. A percentage of the things you might as well think about when making mockups are: Fonts, Colors (utilize the shade plan you made), positions, edge's and symbols. U

How to create a mobile app - Step 2


The Android stage has a huge number of clients and is developing every day. With this development so do the amount of individuals that need to investigate the stage by making their own particular Android application. While a considerable measure of the aforementioned individuals are proficient programming designers, there are numerous that have next to zero experience in improving and distributed programming. This headed me to compose this arrangement on making your own particular Android application: "Creating your own particular Android application, from vision to actuality"

In this arrangement I will be blanket the advancement cycle from notion to sending. I Will give my proposals on what steps you might as well embrace to get your application to people in general.

Remember this arrangement is intended to be an accommodating guide and not a set of guidelines that ought to be accompanied precisely orderly. Go for what steps work best for you and in the I trust you will have a programming improvement cycle that gives incredible effects.

In this post I will be blanket the arranging stage. Provided that you have not yet perused the past part "Concept" I guidance to read that post first:

I Hope you will delight in perusing the arrangement to the extent that I have keeping in touch with it.


The sum of your plans are composed down and now you need to begin making the application. Arranging is one of the aforementioned steps most little groups or distinct engineers skip. Furthermore that is a disgrace in light of the fact that arranging will help you to really discharge your application and finish overhauls on time. With exceptional arranging your task will more probable see a real discharge and help you spare time. So invest some opportunity and keep your task inside plan.

Assuming that you are working in a group, I can suggest the accompanying books on this subject.


The predominant thing I jump at the chance to do when I begin another extend is to make a guide. This will direct me trough the methodology of supporting the application and knowing when certain characteristics will be discharged. I Like to view the guide a bigger number of as a guideline than a precisely arranged calendar. Notwithstanding I should address that the adaptability to go astray from the guide hinges on upon the adaptability of your organization or group, provided that you are a solitary designer than you have significantly more adaptability than working in a vast organization.

To begin composing your guide just take your characteristic record and gap your characteristics into gatherings. Case in point you can have a gathering with informal organization emphasizes, or offers like sorting, reinforcement and restore, and so forth. Attempt find relations between the characteristics, for instance you can't sort a rundown of things if it is extremely unlikely to add things to a record. These relations will help you figure out the request of advancement of the characteristics.

Right away take the sum of these characteristics and gatherings and stamp them by significance. The vitality of a characteristic could be confirm by the accompanying inquiries "Will the application be usable without this characteristic" (must have) or "Does this characteristic carry something exceptional to my application" (extraordinary for advertising). You can now separate the characteristics into forms of your application. The leading form of your application may as well just hold must have characteristics. (you don't need to really discharge this form to general society) Try to incorporate an entire emphasize bunch in one discharge, while additionally make an effort not to put an excessive amount of characteristics into every rendition. It's better to have ten renditions with just a couple of characteristics than to have two that will take eternity to improve.

The way to this process is to get your application to develop into that extreme application you imagined some time recently. Numerous however little discharges will additionally re-abandon you or your group from anxiety. Expansive discharges with numerous characteristics are much harder to arrange rightly and require considerably additionally testing. By advancing numerous little incremental discharges you will uncover that you will be progressively in control over the entire process and more averse to use up time soon after a due date.

Adding due dates to your guide can help detail when a certain characteristic must be finished. For instance in the event that you have an application that inventories all sort of treat you may need to have a form that holds a characteristic to purchase sweet online out before Halloween. At the same time assuming that you don't have much experience in advancing applications setting due dates could be a hard assignment, so I might exhortation new designers to just set a due date on your first form in the event that they are compelled by plans.

A Good guide will control you in your improvement transform and helps getting your application discharged to people in general.

Useful configuration

A Functional outline is an archive in which you work out all characteristics of one discharge. For expert programming engineers a useful configuration is normally used to impart to a customer what the programming item will really do. In spite of the fact that some individuals will add client interface plans to the archive, I might not prescribe it. Practical configuration and client interface outlines ought to be two separate organizes in your advancement transform.

The useful configuration ought to be composed to be comprehend by non specialized book fans. For instance you could compose a segment blanket including and altering contacts. Assuming that you do so you might not define what catches there are in the requisition nor might you compose how the information is archived. You may as well however detail what sort of fields there are and what sort of information they will be appropriating. Case in point you could indicate a contact as this:


The requisition has a choice to embed, alter and erase contacts. These contacts will be accessible to the client in a record and parts might be seen.

The useful configuration will be utilized to compose the specialized outline. (secured in the part advancement) It can additionally be utilized to test if the last item holds all the characteristics that are specified. It ought to be clear enough to realize what characteristics are to be made, yet leave space for specialized elucidations and planning of the client interface.

A Functional outline might be utilized as a specialized device between an improvement group and a customer to spec

How to create a mobile app - Step 1


The Android stage has a huge number of clients and is developing every day. With this development so do the amount of individuals that need to investigate the stage by making their own particular Android application. While a mess of the aforementioned individuals are proficient programming engineers, there are numerous that have next to zero experience in advancing and distributed programming. This headed me to compose this arrangement on making your own particular Android application: "Creating your own Android application, from vision to actuality"

In this arrangement I will be blanket the advancement cycle from idea to sending. I Will give my suggestions on what steps you may as well embrace to get your application to people in general. This arrangement is not an enormous excercise on the most proficient method to program for the Android stage, rather I will be blanket the most significant steps you may as well take to determine your task gets to a fruitful finish. I Hope it will serve as a guideline for the individuals who are new to advancing programming and possibly even be of service for the individuals who have experience in this field. In the most recent 11 years I have been improving on different programming advancement ventures, I've tried to make a straightforward direct on the techniques I've seen work best along these lines would like to serve to avert my followers from falling into the well known pitfalls that these undertakings have.

I Will be utilizing strategies from different well known programming advancement administration systems like Extreme modifying, Prince 2 and Scrum. I Might not accompany these procedures to the definite particulars in light of the fact that I just utilize the parts that I find work best for myself. I Can suggest anybody that is not kidding in advancing programming to read up on these strategies, you will uncover that each one of them will have a few focuses that may profit your improvement cycle.

Remember this arrangement is intended to be an accommodating guide and not a set of directions that ought to be emulated precisely logically ordered. Go for what steps work best for you and in the I trust you will have a programming improvement cycle that gives incredible effects.

I Hope you will delight in perusing the arrangement to the extent that I have thinking of it.

- Martin


When you can start advancing your application you have to have a great notion. The notion begins with a straightforward thought, don't go into parts yet. An idea could be something as basic as "an egg-timer application" or mind boggling like "an interpersonal organization stage where clients can impart their exercises and photo's". Your thought ought to be short and to the focus, attempt naming your idea in only one sentence.


After you have expressed your idea the following thing you ought to be worried about is your plan. This step is exceptionally imperative on the grounds that it can give you an agreeable pointer if your undertaking could be figured it out. A considerable measure of engineers begin a task however never fulfill it, this typically is because of the way that the undertaking is essentially excessively substantial for their plan. Your plan might be a monetary plan or a period plan. Provided that you are hobbyist and need to advance your application beside your work or school, you may as well attempt to gauge what amount of your extra time you can use on your application. Right sensible to make a substantial interpersonal organization without a fiscal plan to outsource work and with just a couple of hours every week you can use on it yourself? Attempt in all honesty to yourself, its much better to simply relinquish a huge venture that you will never fulfill right now than to have finished up it for months and arrive at the same conclusion.

A Simple plan might be made by assessing the accessible time or fiscal assets you can use on the undertaking.

Target group of onlookers

It's essential to know who your clients are set to be. Are they youngsters, adolescent mature people or possibly seniors. What sort of individuals would they say they are? Are they male or female. What sort of diversions do they have, machines, sports, music? Pose these inquiries and make a great profile of the kind of clients you are making your application for. This is indispensable data for the entire procedure of making and distributed your application. Case in point, your client interface could be focused to children and have upbeat pictures and straightforward content, or possibly expansive fonts and catches for clients that have challenge perusing. Likewise your advancement pennants and promoting will hinge on upon you comprehending what the intended interest group is. It's no utilization to advertise an application about cooking on a gaming site and the other way around.


Conceptualizing is an incredible approach to get new plans. You can do this without anyone else present or incorporate a gathering of individuals. Including other individuals might be truly accommodating to get more thoughts. I Would propose to do a meeting to generate new ideas soon after each chairman discharge. By having a meeting to generate new ideas for each discharge you may get new thoughts dependent upon the application as it advances, it can likewise carry new plans dependent upon current innovations. A Good meeting to generate new ideas is fast and limits the measure of time use on each thought. Record statements or little sentences on a bit of paper and don't stress over the specialized parts of the characteristics you are recording. After every session scrap the plans that are clear out of achieve and the ones you don't prefer.

A Brainstorm session is about recording magic words and sentences and rapidly proceed onward to the following. Don't stress over the specialized part of the thoughts at this stage.

Characteristic record

When you have dealt with your meetings to generate new ideas now is the ideal time to make an extensive characteristic record. Only record a long rundown of characteristic you might like your application to have. This may incorporate some characteristic you are not certain of how and provided that you will make them, yet that is Ok. Think about this record as a dream lis

Indie mobile app marketing tips

Today's amusement market is, from every angle, soaked. There's essentially insufficient time for individuals to play everything that is on offer out there, regardless of the fact that everyone committed their lives to chasing out – and playing through – the same amount titles as humanly conceivable. 
In light of the fact that today's gamers are so spoilt for decision, its simple for new spotlight seekers to be scared by the overflowing throng of "play me!" titles and snappy fixes that constitute the showcasing rodent race. In the most exceedingly awful case, an especially timid outside the box dev might just transfer a little demo, glue the connection in a little corner of his/her individual web journal, likely approach one or two companions and essentially just stay put and trust that someone with media clout strolls by, yells, "goodness my pledge!" and wakes up the advanced neighbourhood for you. 

A couple of notes before we begin 

Firstly, and in particular, this is not an article about using cash. Promoting is carried out for barely anything here, so things like expositive expression, center men, Pr orgs and paid-for publicizing are way out. In the event that you have a showcasing plan, that is fabulous. In any case the center here is on free administrations above all else to guarantee most extreme openness. 
Furthermore, this is not an article about profiting. There're incalculable odds and ends of working out there that can help you draw up a reasonable business plot, chase down the best eminence costs from programming entrances and secure yourself an appropriation stage that can win you the buckazoids. Notwithstanding if your amusement is freeware, shareware, charityware or vapourware, this article is concerned with stand out inquiry: how would you get individuals to think about it? 

The media aren't that alarming 

The point when publicizing a diversion, an excessive amount of individuals are hesitant to approach columnists, or have truly no clue about how to do it legitimately. This prompts numerous "treat cutter" approaches, where individuals suit up their dialect, carry their best promo deliberations to the table and begin treating the media like faceless purchasers or – more terrible still – work questioners. 
The mystery is that writer really need to expound on you. When somebody has an uncommon measure of work to do soon after the nineteen day clock ticks down to due date, anybody ready to present them something fascinating to fill their pages spares them a measure of work. 
Make some lucky writer's existence a little less demanding: take the activity to send over duplicates of your amusement. 
Writers are there to be charmed. That is not to say that one might as well ever be inconsiderate or discourteous: its only imperative to recollect that that your amusement is news potential, and that more regularly than not, the enormous terrible media will be more than joyful to bail you out. Regardless of the possibility that they're compelled to be concise when under due date strain! 

Don't get around – Be around 

An excessive amount of amusement engineers invest a large portion of their chance crouched up in the world renowned storm cellar while hacking out a perfect work of art, just to rise at the closure of the dev cycle and understand that they abruptly need to win companions, impact individuals and push their work fine to make the task advantageous. 
This prompts a troubling pattern of once-off gathering posts, initial blurbs in irregular individuals' inboxes and a general outburst of promoting that has a tendency to fail out a couple of days later, leaving the Internet with what's truly just a drop in the sea regarding diversion advancement. As a general guideline, you can enhance your possibilities of great advertising by advancing your group of onlookers much sooner than the discharge date ticks around. 
In the previously stated Offworld article, Kyle Gabler says that one of the quick tips from his "self advancement jam pack" is to enter whatever number rivalries as could be expected under the circumstances; occasions, for example Igf, Dream-Build-Playand the Global Game Jam are only a couple of samples of twelve-month (and high-profile) diversion improvement occasions. At that point there's general group inclusion: going to diversion advancement occasions, turning into an animated part of engineer gatherings and (the huge one) upholding your own particular website. 
Amusement online journals might be a shockingly successful promoting device in the event that you utilize them legitimately. Michael Rose, a proofreader atindiegames.com, emphasises the criticalness of this from a diversion columnist's view. "It's generally an exceptionally exceptional thought to have a working site accessible for review," he says. "The best sort of advancement locales are the ones which have differentiate pages for every distinctive extend, as well as an online journal which I can subscribe to the Rss channel of! That way I can look at an outside the box's amusements and stay up with the latest with all the most recent from them by means of their online journal." 
The Wolfire Blog is an outstanding illustration of this framework in activity, giving book fans day by day upgrades on the development of their most recent venture, Overgrowth. The web journal doesn't only serve as a dev journal either: its bound with modifying and craftsmanship tips that attract more site visits consistently. They've additionally headed off to the length of building a full-blown comic dependent upon the amusement's universe, building a firm social order around a title that isn't even past its alpha raises yet. 
An alternate web journal to note is that of Adam Saltsman on Gamasutra: his consistent writeups and solid vicinity inside the diversion advancement group offers an extraordinary arrangement of perceivability for activities, for example the as of late discharged Fathom and his Flash improvement unit, Flixel. 

Spruce up 

Presentation is a vital part of your advancement. This isn't practically the look and feel of your diversion: the media that you discharge and the way that you exhibit yourself to potential columnists and neighborhoods is of incredible vitality. 
Climbed discusses such cushioning, especially the criticalness of a great motion picture. "Regarding advertising, I suppose a good trailer is dependably a need. I can look at a film of a designer's diversion and think goodness, that looks better than average and afterward give it a post on the site. Screenshots work well too, however a film dependably give the onlooker a greatly improved thought of what's in store.

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NEW! Check out Macao Online

From today, bgx Interactive's app "Macao - Crazy Eights" has a little step brother! Its name is "Macao Online" and it's an Android game, implementing the game with the same name, "Macao". The game was made by a first-year IT student, Dobrescu Andrei. His game lets the user to play in two modes: single-player, versus the PC and multiplayer, versus any Android user you uses the app, is connected to the internet and want to play with you. The game is very well programmed, with a little bit of love and, of course, many bugfixes. The game is almost clean of any bugs and works well on any Android device. The app is very intuitive and easy-to-use. The graphics are quite minimalistic, but the graphics are not the main goal of the app.

The single player game mode features a Human vs PC game architecture. PC's AI algorithm features 3 difficulty levels: easy, medium and hard.

The multiplayer mode is the main attraction of the game. There wasn't been made too many android multiplayer card games, so another one is welcomed. There wasn't been made too many macao multiplayers in general - you can found a couple of them on the web platform, if you search for them on google (but yes, they don't work on android devices, so if you want to play macao multiplayer on your smartphone, use this app!). Also, an original ideea is the multiplayer's login and lobby systems. For logging in, you don't need registration - just a nickname different from other players ' nicknames. After the log in, you will enter in the lobby. Well, here.. you don't have a game room/table-based system. Because the game allows only 2 player games, in the lobby you can invite an available user to play with you or wait for someone to invite you to the game. Easy as that. The process is simple, user-friendly and quite innovative. A little problem with the multiplayer mode: for the moment, there is no one there to play with. The reason is quite simple: the game is not so popular, so please, if you like this game, tell your friends to download it and play with you!

In conclusion, "Macao Online" is an innovating game for Android, bringing the online multiplayer game system to a card game.

Oh yes, and don't forget to download, rate and play it and ..tell your friends about it!


joi, 16 mai 2013

Google I/O 2013 - It's all about keeping the developer community happy

Google's I/o gathering keynote was, from various perspectives, the inverse of what we envisioned.

Google did not advertise any new fittings —no new Nexus 4 telephone, overhauled Nexus 7 tablet or new Chromebook —nor did the association uncover another form of Android. More stunning bits of gossip about a "X Phone" from Motorola and a 11-in. (28 cm) tablet from Samsung did not emerge.

Rather, Google used about 50% of its twelve-month developers gathering concentrating on, well, developers, and the devices they need to bring about a noticeable improvement applications. Whatever is left of the time, Google used affirming changes to center Web administrations, for example Search, Maps and Google+. The greatest new item launch was seemingly Google Play Music All Access, a contender to membership benefits like Spotify and Rdio.

In different statements, Google was less fascinated by wowing the swarms with garish fittings and software news, and more fascinated by making itself look great.

What's New for Google Users

Here's a brisk review of all the new, purchaser confronting things that Google declared at the show:

Google Play Game Services: Google's reply to ios Game Center and Xbox Live lets clients begin playing an amusement on their telephones and continue advance on their tablets. It'll additionally have accomplishments, online multiplayer and leaderboards tied to your social rounds on Google+. Shockingly, Google will let developers add its diversion administrations to ios apparatuses and Web-based amusements, not simply Android.

Google Play Music All Access: Google is getting into the membership music business, with an administration that looks like Spotify and Rdio. For $9.99 for every month —or $7.99 for every month provided that you mark up by June 3 —you get millions of streaming tracks on Android mechanisms and Web programs, plus craftsman based radio stations and personalized suggestions. No expression on applications for ios or different stages.

Maps for Mobile: The cell phone form of Google Maps gives drivers a hand with warnings when an activity influx pops up, in addition to an inferred new track. The guide perspective will indicate major wellsprings of congested driving conditions too. Google has likewise made another interface for tablets, with an "investigate" characteristic that gives you a chance to skim for close-by restaurants, shops, bars and different attractions.

A Big Update for Desktop Maps: The desktop form of Google Maps is getting a major redesign this Spring, with smoother design and a concentrate on finding. The point when clients hunt down certain things, for instance sushi, they'll see proposals dependent upon what they or their companions have audited. The interface will look a considerable measure slicker, with photographs, client audits, route choices and different parts popping up as you click on every area. You can join to see the new Maps through Google's site.

New Features for Google+: Google is truly trusting you'll offer increasingly on Google+, its two-year-old interpersonal organization. Another interface takes after Pinterest, with numerous segments of overhauls filling the page. For photographs, Google+ can pare down your get-away photographs via consequently selecting highlights, and it can bring about a noticeable improvement with skin softening, clamor lessening and other speedy altering apparatuses. Google is additionally starting a differentiate Hangouts application for Android and ios, letting clients talk, offer photographs and bounce into movie talk.

New Cards for Google Now: Google's virtual-aide administration can let you know about upcoming Tv indicates and film amusements and give ongoing open travel overhauls in select urban areas. You can likewise use voice orders to set memos on your telephone, and Google Now will prod you at the fitting time.

Voice Search on the Desktop: While utilizing Google seek within Chrome, you'll have the capacity to begin a voice inquiry by truism "O.k., Google." And much the same as the portable application, the desktop form will back conversational inquiries, so you can say something like "Where's the closest pizza put?" emulated by "How far is it from here?" Google says this characteristic will be accessible soon.

Assuming that there's a common pattern between all these enhancements, its that Google is attempting to make all its administrations stickier. In place of only turning something toward Google Maps, conceivably you'll hang out there investigating things briefly. In place of seeking once on Google and clicking a few connections, you'll have a here and there and then here again voice discussion. You'll invest more time playing diversions that are associated with Google and more time listening to music. Also perhaps you'll truly utilize Google+ for once. Doing all these things could make your existence less demanding and more agreeable —yet obviously they additionally permit Google to seek after its plan of action of studying more about you, and offering more ads.

Diminishing Android App Headaches

Google invested a huge lump of time discussing things that had almost no immediate effect on clients. Case in point, the association revealed a path for developers to offer beta tests of their applications, and to see how their applications look crosswise over numerous screen sizes. (Judging from the hooting and hollering in the room when this characteristic was declared, it appears long late.)

All the more essentially, the Google Play Store will at last have an area for tablet-upgraded applications. This change does influence clients, however it likewise gives developers a motivation to compose applications on account of tablets.

It's invigorating to see Google offer these sorts of apparatuses for developers, as a substitute for simply attaching new characteristics to Android and trusting the applications will take after. That system hasn't worked in the past, particularly for tablet applications. By uprooting a percentage of the cerebral pains in Android application development, Google might have better fortunes getting developers to back the stage.

miercuri, 15 mai 2013

Google Game Services - launched today

Unlike Apple's Game Center service, what Google's putting forth is a backend service for developers instead of a standalone app. Consider it more like Openfeint than Game Center – you can sign in utilizing your Google+ login as a part of amusement, and that login will track your character (counting leaderboard scores, accomplishments and saves) crosswise over different game session and gadgets. Achievements that increase engagement and promote different styles of play. - Social and public leaderboards that seamlessly use Google+ circles to track high scores across friends and across the world. - Cloud saves that provide a simple and streamlined storage API to store game saves and settings. Now players never have to replay Level 1 again. - Real-time multiplayer for easy addition of cooperative or competitive game play on Android devices.

Google is essentially manufacturing its own particular stage on the ios stage. It's a bright system for them. I'll be inquisitive to see how Apple reacts, or assuming that they even trouble. It may not be a "risk" in the routine sense since Google is gradually uprooting restraints for individuals between Android and Apple.

Obviously, the other way gets less demanding, as well. Also Google's procedure for contending with Facebook is coming to be more clear, as well. Utilizing their as of now existing stage they can give all the more fascinating and convenient associations with individuals that reach out far past photograph offering and notices.

So has anyone here found a centralized hub yet? I found out how to get logged into the few Google Play Games titles and even got a couple achievements, but I can't seem to find the hub where I can start seeing friends achievements and such.

vineri, 1 februarie 2013

Choosing a Java EE server (JBoss or Glassfish)

I have utilized WebLogic, WebSphere, JBoss, GlassFish, Resin, Jetty, Tomcat, and a couple alternates throughout the final 10+ years. Thus, assuming that I were thinking about another venture, I might pose myself a couple concerns first. One thing that I might not approach anymore is that I might even decline to utilize JSPs unless I was tortured until I weeped for my mother.

Do I need to be compatible/deploy to a particular item due to somebody's order? Is there no course to overlook them or influence them elsewise? If this is true, there's your reply.

Do I need to utilize EJBs? Truly? Dodge them if to any detectable degree conceivable--they are actually just required for extremely imposing, venture-class frameworks. Recollect that they are just devices, and colossal ones at that (can anybody state "Golden Sledgehammer"?). They are amply abused, so actually, truly address if you require them. Assuming that you do need them, then that uproots a few of your choices incorporating my best, Jetty.

Do you need to utilize any of the other major J2EE advances like JMS, ESB, and whatnot? If this is true, and you actually would not be able to forego, then you are again compelled to a full-blown J2EE holder. Deliberately think and explore before you dedicate to BPM, for instance, and dodge AquaLogic BPM at (well-nigh) all expenses--it is ugly in the compelling.

In the event that you actually should use a full-blown J2EE holder, recognize open-origin first since it is more vigorous, preferable upheld, and more financially savvy. They have greater client bases and more open backing collaboration, so they will almost always get preferable fixes quicker. Nonetheless, Resin is adolescent and I might keep away from it in respect to GlassFish or JBoss--I recognized it tricky to send and underpin. I might incline toward JBoss on account of its more extensive client base, development, and so on. GlassFish is harder to fuse into a computerized build/deployment process, however it may be nicer for some of its particular headlines (depending on if you require them).

Do I have an uncommon explanation for why to need Apache? At that point lean towards Tomcat, possibly in addition to something.

Would I be able to make do with just servlets? At that point I might utilize Jetty--it is the lightest, snappiest, least demanding, by and large adaptable fix. Provided that I am inclining opposite having the ability to utilize Jetty, I might query all my presumptions of why. YAGNI applies.

Best is to utilize StringTemplate/WebStringTemplate on Jetty: a clean, vigorous, snappy, maintainable explanation with no authorizing expenses, strong notoriety and underpin, and so on. That is where I begin these days.

Most applications/systems decide on heaps of special J2EE headlines when all they truly need is servlets and JDBC with some OK architecture/design. Question why you suppose you require more.

Of the full-blown holders, I might maintain a strategic distance from WebLogic and WebSphere unless you are supporting a MAJOR open web space (my present executive's resource is sent on WebLogic and it gets eleven+ million hits for each month, alternates have been tantamount). WebLogic's true fuel for keeping such a notorious reputation is their moderately straightforward grouping, yet evade their exclusive outlet-secure offers at (very nearly) all cost. WebSphere is basically a bad dream that I might evade truly whatsoever expense--I decline to do ventures including WebSphere following having done a couple in the past. Not, one or the other item is worth the enormous authorizing expenses, unless you without a doubt have an extraordinary need that drives the utilization of an exclusive quality. In a decade as a senior architect/engineer for loads of Fortune 500 associations, I have yet to see quite a necessity. Additionally, I have perceived LOTS of agony because of picking such exclusive items.

All the more for the actually expansive, towering activity, accessible sites, the restrictive features are still debatable. I might rather use that multi-million dollars for each year of authorizing expenses on some great equipment and some value time from a handful of actually great experts to address a straightforward adaptability explanation.

miercuri, 30 ianuarie 2013

J2EE Exception Handling

As J2EE has ended up being the preferred development platform, an increasing amount J2EE-based requisitions are going into processing. One critical segment of the J2EE stage is the Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) API. As one, J2EE and EJB engineering deal numerous points of interest, yet with the proposed preferences come new challenges. Specifically, any situation in an enterprise environment must be fixed instantly.

These are part of the most best practices of exception handling in general:

Depending on if you cannot handle a special case, don't get it.

Depending on if you get a special case, don't swallow it.

Get a special case as close as would be prudent to its origin.

Log a special case where you get it, unless you arrangement to re-throw it.

Structure your routines consistent with how fine-grained your exemption taking care of must be.

Utilize the same number sorted exemptions as you need, absolutely for provision exemptions.

Focus 1 is clearly in clash with Point 3. The functional fix is an exchange-off between how near the origin you get an exemption and how far you give it a chance to fall before you've comprehensively lost the plan or substance of the first ever special case.

Note: These standards are not specific to EJB special case taking care of, admitting that they are connected all through the EJB exemption-taking care of components