vineri, 28 decembrie 2012

Stay away from push ads!

Are you using Airpush? If you are, how's your CPM been doing? Ever since you started?

And if you are not, and you are planning to use it, what is attracting you to it?

Big Bang
Airpush came onto the scene pretty big. Offering a unique (at that time) mobileadvertising implementation, and a super high CPM. That was great really, when you started. It is not great anymore.

Angry Bird
What really pissed me off was, in the email, it was written that we could achieve a CPM of $6 - $15! Are you  kidding me? I have hardly even gotten 50% of the lower end during the better days! These days it is at around $1.5 - $1.6 range. I am making even more from my banner ads than I am from Airpush!

There is something totally wrong with Airpush. They hook new developers with very good CPM when they start, slowly dwindling down. I have Leadbolt notification ads in my apps too, but Leadbolt's revenue has been growing continuously.

So many questions need answering:

1 - My installs are growing every day, yet my pushes from Airpush is stuck around a set  range. Why?
2 - Why does my revenue for each day fluctuate throughout the day? I would see, for example, $19 one moment. Re-check a little later, and it is down at $18?? Did some pushes get un-sent? Returned to sender?
3 - Why is my CPM going lower by the day? Yet Airpush can send a mail out to attract me with $6- $15?
4 - The "Live Chat" on the dashboard has been stuck at "Offline" since ever!
5 - Today's average CPM has been stuck there since forever.
6 - Airpush is known to send out ads that auto download apps into user's phone. Not cool really.

I've checked with some other developers, and they too are having similar results. They get so excited when they start off with Airpush, but over time, it converts to Airbull.

Push yourself away
So, if you're a developer and are planning to use notification or icon ads, I strongly urge you to look elsewhere. Give Leadbolt a try. There are other options too out there, like appenda or startapp, though I have not tried them.

It would be really good for Airpush to start playing fair with their developers, we are, after all, helping them with their business, risking our apps to get 1 starratings because of the push ads. We will pack and leave if we have no reason to stay on!

Even though you might get some extra revenue using push Ads we highly recommend that you do not make use of such obtrusive ad formats which will only make your user base angry without seeing a real increase in the monthly revenue.

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