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How to promote an Android App?

Most app makers start with an attitude of ‘if you build it, they will come,’ so they start by building an app. Then they start the public relations trail, and build up an audience. It’s a great way to build an app, gain a following, and start making money.

A different way to do it is to create a ‘placeholder’ app. Offer an app for download, but when users download it, offer them a place to register, some information about the app’s possibilities, and no app. That’s right, don’t give them an app right away. While eventually, you will have to get the app made, it’s easier to commit to a project that already has customers. Likewise, it’s easier to get seed money when you already have customers.

Just submit to the android marketplace!

Make sure the package name is keyword relevant Good title. Max out the description, stuff keywords. Max out all the assets, including a youtube video. Update once a week to show more installs to push you up the search results.

Submit a press release to pr sites.
Write articles on fast indexing sites like xomba.

Submitting to the marketplace though is pretty much self promoting. Your app will appear on dozens of websites without having to do a thing.

Before you make any sort of promotional effort, you need to do the following:
1) Make sure you have a good rating. Get 10 friends to give you 5-stars. Nobody wants to download an unrated app (or even one with less than 5 ratings).
2) Add a video on the app store. It doesn't need to be pro, just something that gives a good indication of what your app does.
3) Make sure your screenshots are good and your description is accurate. The first sentence is the most important for describing what the app does.

After it's on the store (free version):
1) Post in forums
2) Submit it to review websites
3) Write up a press release (catchy headline, what your app does, why is it better - have a good angle) and send it to every news / tech / related website you can find. Who knows, 1 or 2 websites out of the 100s might write something about you, which can get you 100s of downloads. It's worth the hours it takes to do this. Also, use some Mail Merge software to make it personal (as simple as "Hi [name]").
4) Find influential twitter users that you think would use your app. Send them a message - dont harass them though. Be sincere. If they like it and they haven't tweeted about it, ask them to.


Video Marketing:
The video marketing is important tool for internet advertising. We can explain the features of our apps by creating videos. The videos can be placed on various websites to attract the audience. This can serve as great tool for promotion of android apps.

Use of Social media:
We can use various social websites such as Face-book, twitter, linked-In, You-tube for promotion of android apps.

Publish apps reviews:
You can have reviews in the form of small description about your app,
ratings of the apps, review date. This will help people know aboutthe android apps.

Forums & Blog posting:
We can participate in the forums & blog posting for the marketing of the android apps. It will help to share the information about our apps.

Swap banner ads:
You can publish your ad on other website giving same service as you, ask him to place his ad on your website. The banners will help to direct the audience to app stores.

Free trails:
Serve some of the features at free of cost. So that the users can analyze the features, ask user to put feedback. This will help to promote your apps .

Showcase app in website:
If you existing website for the service you provide then you can showcase the apps there and redirect the users to the main description page of apps.

Press Release:
We can share the information about the apps by having press release.

Email Marketing:
This can serve as great tool for promotion. We can share our apps information by sending emails to people , groups.Mass email all your users and friend, and encourage them to download the app and give it a high ranking.

Advertising outlets:
Advertising is a great idea for any kind of app. Get to know the sites where the website fits to your app category and buy some ad space to promote app .You can even contact few bloggers who are willing to put up ads for your app or even for review it. Popularizing app through advertising promotions is a great way to reach large number of people and get a good user base.

Publishingnewsletters for the apps promotion will help in increasing the
audiencefor your apps.

Appdirectories & article posting :
This can serve as great tool for generating quality traffic
forthe android apps.

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