marți, 30 octombrie 2012

Building Rich amazing applications using JavaFX

1. Building Rich client applications using JavaFX
Oracle has devoted to developing the UI controls under open source and it has a clear plan for the following years as it can be seen in the roadmap presented at the JavaOne concference.

JavaFX can preserve funds by reusing existing Java libraries and effortlessly associate to server-based Java EE middleware applications.

Since the full open sourcing of JavaFX is going ahead as planned, JavaFX will enter a “renaissance” era with innovative development by the community, greater embracing and momentum. Currently there is a lot of excitement in the java community concerning JavaFX and it will be interesting to see the path that JavaFX heads into, and its uses.

Oracle last year showed JavaFX rich client software running on both an Apple iPad and an Android-based Samsung Galaxy tablet, along with introducing a separate project using HTML5 to bring Java to Apple's iOS platform.
2. What is JavaFX?

JavaFX is the advancement of the Java rich client platform, chosen to offer a lightweight, hardware accelerated UI platform prepared for the future. JavaFX will soon replace the old fashion Java SWING. Today users should no longer contempt with previous available in JAVA. Instead of classical SWING gray looking interfaces, JavaFX provides modern looking graphical user interfaces bringing tomorrow’s UI today by providing:
Fresh and impressive UI (similar to web pages)?;
No standard window decorations;
Smooth round window edges;
Many custom-made widgets (buttons, lists, navigation, …)?;
Wonderful appearance, but still natural usage.

Graphical performances and responsiveness (from  areas such as  Data Analytics, Finance, Health Care and Cargo Management)
Allows easy integration of vector graphics, animation, audio, and video Web assets into a rich, interactive, immersive application.
JavaFX applications have an additional strong point: they can also be run in a browser.

JavaFX runs on a JVM. Running in a VM means that the application does not depend on the actual browser capabilities like standard HTML/Javascript web applications.
The JavaFX Runtime is installed with the Java Runtime Environment, ensuring its availability on more than 97% of enterprise desktops worldwide. A JavaFX application can be deployed standalone, launched via Java Web Start, or embedded in a web page.