marți, 2 martie 2010

iPhone apps marketing

Today I learned a few marketing tricks.
the information I provide below and on the site I link to…that alone can give you a good base on how to improve your iPhone sales on your own. If you think I can help you, great. There’s obviously no obligation on your part for me sharing this knowledge.
Ok, the two aspects that you must focus on for marketing your iphone app are traffic and conversion. By traffic, I mean getting people to learn about your app and sending them to your app page on iTunes. Conversion is what happens when they arrive at your page in iTunes… they either buy, or they don’t.
What you need to do first is work on the conversion aspect. You do this by optimizing everything that is on your app’s iTunes product page. Mostly, we’re talking about the description. In marketing speak, this is called “copy”. You need highly persuasive copy that convinces the visitor to click the buy button (as opposed to clicking the back button and leaving).
Your app’s copy must be more than a standard “description” in order to be successful. Rather than focus on specific features of the app, you should try to describe how the app will benefit the user. Most non-games can use “benefits” rather than features and receive a strong boost in conversion. However, there’s another trick I like to use when writing copy for an iphone app…
Write the copy so that the user can actually “experience” themselves using the app. Put them in a mental state of mind where they can visualize themselves using the app. I know, easier said than done… but it is highly effective! This technique is awesome for game apps too!
The second aspect is traffic. How do you allow people to learn about your app and get them to your app’s iTunes product page? There are many methods, but the best method is a well crafted press release that is sent to a list of websites and blogs that often review iphone apps.
It’s important that you don’t try to send a boiler-plate press release and expect results. You need to use some of the same techniques I talked about in regards to persuasive copy to get these site owners and bloggers to want to write about your app.
If you want a big boost in sales, this is what you need to do.

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